The GPS LOG Book Product Overview


The GPS Log Book device plugs into a cigarette lighter socket and tracks the use of a vehicle while also enabling the user to charge a USB device. Once plugged into the socket, the device requires no cables in order to function. This prevents the unsightly and inconvenient mess of cables which often occurs with traditional GPS tracking devices. The device features a high sensitivity GPS and intelligent logging software allowing it to accurately record the time, position and speed of a vehicle at any point in a journey.

The logged data is uploaded to the GPS Log Book server when the device is connected to a computer. The GPS Log Book device has been specifically designed and tested with GPS performance, build quality and ease of use in mind, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with the day to day activities of any person who would require a vehicle usage logging device.


  • Small and stylish device can be easily installed with no cables required.
  • Charge your USB device (iPhone, Blackberry, Garmin, TomTom etc.) while the GPS Log Book is in use.
  • High sensitivity GPS with downloadable aiding data to ensure a fast GPS fix.
  • Large logging memory allows for a significant amount of tracking data to be stored on the device between uploads.
  • Intuitive LED indicator provides feedback on device state (GPS fix, memory nearly full etc.).
  • Intelligent algorithm for determining start and end points of trips.


The GPS Log Book Sync Application is a piece of software which will need to be installed before you first connect the device to your computer. This software forms the connection between the device and the GPS Log Book server allowing data to be uploaded to the server when the device is connected to a computer.

The Sync Application also facilitates the downloading of GPS Assist data and updated device software to the device when required. This application was designed for simplicity and compatibility and consequently requires no user interaction. It will run on any Windows PC with .NET v3.5 or higher or any Mac running OS X 10.5 or later.


  • Automatic update of the GPS Log Book device software.
  • Automatic self-update.
  • Once installed, no user intervention is required to upload logging data.
  • Automatically view latest trips after GPS Log Book has synced.


The GPS Log Book Web Interface is the backbone of the GPS Log Book system. It allows the user to manage their device/s, view trips and add locations as well as many other useful functions including creating powerful, informative reports. Most notably, a IRD compliant log book can be generated for use with the ITR12 Income Tax Return for Individuals. Data is stored for more than 5 years and can be viewed at any time if required.

All of this data can be accessed from any location, on all major web browsers, using the intuitive, visually appealing Web Interface specifically designed not only to provide administrative functions for the GPS Log Book, but also to make the GPS Log Book an easy to use system with an emphasis on quality, simplicity and customer satisfaction.


  • Secure website using HTTPS ensures that once you are logged in, all data remains confidential.
  • Clear, intuitive interface makes viewing/editing trips and data simple and efficient.
  • Uses Google Maps, which ensures the most up to date maps available are used.
  • Multiple devices and vehicles can be managed from a single account.
  • Once configured, trips can be automatically categorised as either personal or business.
  • Intelligent system for creating location zones with automatic snapping of trip start and end points.
  • Convenient email reminders of important events (Sync recommended, tax year end approaching etc.).
  • Purchase devices and accessories using the safe and secure online store.
  • Data can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • Logged data is available on the system for more than 5 years.


Once logged into the web interface, a multitude of useful reports
can be generated from the data stored in the system


  • IRD compliant logbook
  • Sales force report
  • Vehicle expense report

To view a sample of a report, please use the links below.



Processor Architecture ARM Cortex-M3
Internal Memory Type Flash
Capacity 4MB (3.6MB for logging data)
GPS Type High sensitivity, 50 Channel GPS
A-GPS Support Yes
Power Supply Input Voltage 8V-30V DC with transient protection
Current 45mA (GPS acquiring satellites)
35-40mA (GPS tracking satellites)
Internal Fuse 8A
USB Charger Connector USB A Socket
Voltage rating 5V
Maximum current 1A
USB interface to PC Connector USB Mini-B
Class HID (Human Interface Device)
Housing Plastic type ABS
General Device Operating Temperature -10°C to +60°C
Dimensions 102mm x 41mm x 22mm